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Kathrin Weston Walsh

Kathrin Weston Walsh

J.D. (Duke University), Attorney-at-law (District of Columbia und Colorado)

Kathrin Weston Walsh, Co-Author of the Lawbility Legal English Manual (Helbing Lichtenhahn/C.H.Beck/Manz, 2013) and Legal English lecturer at the law school of the University of Lucerne is an American attorney (District of Columbia und Colorado), and previously practiced with a large international law firm in Washington, D.C. in the area of complex commercial litigation. She regularly counsels LL.M.-applicants on their applications and is an experienced coach for legal professionals and practitioners.

At Lawbility Kathrin Weston Walsh leads the Legal English program, participates in various Legal English practical seminars, and serves as a coach for the Lawbility LL.M. Application Coaching program.


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