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Lawbility Toefl Exam Preparation

Lawbility Toefl Exam Preparation

Exam strategies with training and coaching

If you want to complete an LL.M. programme at a university abroad, you need a thorough knowledge of the English language. Anglo-American universities usually recognize the Toefl exam as a certificate of achievement, and require a certain minimum score on the exam. To score those points on the Toefl exam, mastering the English language (academic English) is only half the battle. Exam strategies are equally important. For this reason, you can refresh your English skills in the Lawbility Toefl Exam Preparation course, as well as practicing solutions for the exam and learning exam strategies for success. Do not lose any time in preparing for the exam – we will show you the path to success!


Content overview

Toefl Training I: Reading Exam (1 module)

  • Reading speed is essential: you will learn strategies and tricks to quickly determine the correct answers on the exam.

  • You will study specific vocabulary that you will need for the Toefl exam.

Toefl Training II: Speaking Exam (1 module)

  • Your exam strategy is essential: you learn what really matters in answering the exam questions, and how to improve your answers.

  • You will practice simulated exam situations and learn how to quickly and competently come up with correct answers on the exam.

  • You will receive vocabulary and keywords that you can use to success on the exam.

Toefl Training III: Writing and Listening Exam (1 module)

Writing exam

  • We will show you how to gain points on the writing exam.

  • We will provide individual feedback on your practice exams.

Listening exam

  • We will provide you with typical exam vocabulary that you will need on the listening portion of the exam.

  • You will practice simulated exam situations and exam strategies.


Value to you

Training exam strategies

  • You will study the language and methodical skills you will need to be successful on the Toefl exam.

Practicing exam situations

  • You will optimize your exam skills and prepare for the Toefl exam in record time.

Individual feedback

  • You will receive individual feedback and learn how to improve your performance.


Organization & implementation

  • Course structure: the course consists of 3 modules and takes place on Thursday evenings from 6:45p.m. to 8:45p.m.

  • Course dates: coming soon (summer 2016)

  • Course location: near main station Zürich

  • Exam planning test center Zurich: registration and information

  • The next Toefl Exam Preparation Course will start in summer 2017 (provisionally date).



  • The course costs CHF 340; the price includes your participation in the course, the course book (Achieve TOEFL® iBT)/course documents as well as corrections and feedback on self-study assignments.

  • Legal interns and doctoral candidates only pay CHF 280. For master’s students the course only costs CHF 200.



  • Early booking discount: individuals who register at least 30 days before the course starts receive a discount of CHF 50.

  • Group discount: individuals who register together receive a discount of CHF 20/person (2 individuals) or CHF 30/person (3 or more individuals).

  • Combination discount: individuals who register simultaneously for more than one event (courses, seminars, etc.) receive a discount of CHF 50/person.


Prepare for the Toefl exam. Demonstrate your lawbility!